St. Malo Museum's Final Chapter!

On Monday December 10th, 2018 the final chapter of the St. Malo Museum was written.

After many attempts to try to upkeep and maintain the Museum, in September 2016 the St. Malo & District Chamber of Commerce decided to close the Museum. This wasn’t an easy decision but one made due to lack of funding, squirrel and mouse infestation and lack of interest and shortage of volunteers. Subsequently, families and persons who had donated to the Museum were invited to claim their articles with the remaining unclaimed items sold off. This was then repeated a final time on September 22 of this year.

With no offers being made to purchase the building (after numerous solicitation attempts throughout the years), and given the condition of the structure, it was decided, in collaboration with the St. Malo Parish, that it was best to donate the structure to the St. Malo volunteer fire department to use it for training opportunities with the final exercise being completed this past Monday.

The St. Malo and District Chamber of Commerce would like to take this opportunity to thank the St. Malo Parish for their assistance over the years, the volunteers that kept the museum open throughout its life and finally a huge “Thank You” to our local St Malo Fire Department for their continued efforts in keeping our community safe!

Photo Credit (of the fire): Vicki Preteau

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President's Message

This new year will bring changes to the way we do things. Yes, following our strategic planning session, this board is making a shift to bring us closer to our community, our partners and the business community. As for community news, we are going to the electronic format to better inform and specifically to keep our community up-to-date. The Chamber of Commerce’s mission is to meet the needs of our business people and to that end, we will implement programs and tools designed to meet the particular needs of this clientele. We will partner with community organizations to achieve successful, often more expensive, longer-term projects.

In closing, join us so that we can ensure together a bright future for the communities served by the Chamber of Commerce of Saint-Malo and District.

Denis D. Clément
Vincent Dureault

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    1. Good Morning Chantelle. As far as we (the “Chamber of Commerce”) know, the only fireworks “display” occurring in town was held at the Debonair Campground last night (Saturday June 30, 2018)

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