About St. Malo

The Community of St. Malo Awaits You ! 

St-Malo is located in southern Manitoba Canada, 60 km south of Winnipeg’s Perimeter on Provincial Highway # 59.  It is a popular tourist destination known for it’s history, scenic beauty, beaches, campgrounds, cottages and friendly people. A place where visitors, cottagers, campers and residents all adore.

St. Malo hosts both a Summer & Winter Festival and outdoor pilgrimage at it’s famous Grotto.  Another attraction is the re-creation of St. Malo’s first church – the “Maison-Chapelle”.

Many snow & ice activities take place in St. Malo. Whether it be ice fishing, hockeysnowmobilingcross country skiing, skating, or curling in Dufrost , come enjoy the warmth of winter.

Come visit the lovely recreation park set next to the town of St. Malo. Long a tradition for the people of the area, families and groups from miles away are increasingly taking advantage of St. Malo’s pleasant atmosphere.

A community of over 1,000 predominantly bilingual speaking residents, many leading a leisurely lifestyle, provide immense resources in rich agricultural land amongst the highest in Canada, which in turn support numerous enterprises.  St. Malo is recognized for it’s popular Tourist Attractions and Farming Industry.

There are a number of local businesses that are open year round. St. Malo has the amenities of a modern urban center with municipal water, sewer, street repairs and cleaning and garbage pick-up.

Medical services can be accessed at the nearby DeSalaberry Health Center. Fire services are provided by a volunteer fire department. St. Malo boasts a modern seniors assisted housing complex, as well as a workshop that employs mentally challenged persons.

Children can attend the École St. Malo School which offers education up to Grade 8 in both French and English. There is also a preschool program and daycare.  Grades 9-
12 are transported to the nearby community of St. Pierre.

Sports enthusiasts can access skating or hockey in the largest sporting facility in the area with a seating up to 700 people, as well as participate in snowmobiling, skiing, swim/cycle/run trialthlon, hiking, walking or cycling on groomed trails, swimming, wind surfing, rafting, boating, fishing, canoeing, and paddle-boating at the local beaches.

To accommodate recreational needs, there are over 800 campsites, several year round rental cabins, Bed & Breakfasts and hotel rooms in the St. Malo Region.  Many properties in the area are available for building a cabin, your dream home or purchasing an existing one.

The many amenities St. Malo has to offer make it a natural choice to visit or live in. Come for a visit but don’t be surprised if you end up leasing a camp site for the season or becoming a permanent cottager, resident or frequent visitor.

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