Lil’ Steps Miniatures & Wellness Farm

What We Believe and Do…

Lil’ Steps Miniatures and Wellness Farm is a unique program to Manitoba; where the primary focus will be Equine Facilitated Wellness (EFW) for children. EFW is an effective approach to human development through horsemanship.  In Equine Facilitated Wellness children engage in team emphasized or individual sessions with the horse as the teacher.  It is an experiential and process orientated experience for the child; where he/she will learn various life skills in a therapeutic and fun setting.  EFW has been proven to be effective in assisting children in personal growth and development.

Equine Facilitated Wellness can be a powerful journey of facilitating children in learning alternative skills to draw from when faced with difficult challenges in an effort to overcome negative influences. Lil’s Steps believes that it is essential for children to have protective factors that will allow them to grow and develop skills.  These protective factors provide the ability for children to create a more successful future. Protective factors include; social skill development, communication skills, self-confidence building, leadership skills, identity development and emotional regulation skills.

Lil’ Steps will include a variety of programs designed to meet the various needs of children as Equine Facilitated Wellness is especially helpful for children with special needs. Whether the struggle is physical, mental, emotional, intellectual, social or behavioral; horses are able to create an excellent learning platform for children. Equine Facilitated Wellness help children to gain a variety of skills for personal growth which impacts their everyday life.

Contact: Lucy Fouasse
112 Gosselin Rd
Box 121
St Malo MB
R0A 1T0
(204) 298-7142




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