St. Malo Meat & Deli

member114Owners: Gilles & Gisèle Gratton Gilles has more than 30 years of experience as a butcher, cook and manager of a butcher shop.
  • Specializing in Canadian and French cuts
  • A-1 Inspected meats for sale
  • Specializing in domestic and wild meat cutting
  • Custom smoked meats made with natural smoke
  • Sausage making
  • Wide selection of deli products including an assortment of cheese, salads, meat, smoked products and other prepared foods.
Come and discover the fresh selections of meat (beef, pork, bison and chicken) already there or ask Gilles for what you need. Look for other selections to complement your at-home meals or for picnics.  


P.O. Box 40 St. Malo, MB  R0A 1T0 Phone: (204) 347-5786 Fax: (204) 347-5788   St. Malo Meat