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We all Benefit from a bilingual Manitoba


Manitoba’s French-speaking community is one of our province’s greatest assets. Not only are we culturally enriched by having a strong and thriving francophone population in the province, but Manitoba’s business community also benefits by having sure and ready access to a fully bilingual workforce. Now, through Francofonds, you can help support the continued vitality of Manitoba’s French community, and ensure we all continue to receive the benefits of its presence in the province.


Francofonds is the most efficient way to lend your support

Francofonds is a special charitable foundation that was established in 1978 to support and promote the development of Manitoba’s French-speaking community. Every year, it distributes funding to a wide range of community and culturally based francophone projects and institutions in the province. The impact of this funding is both immediate and far reaching, with thousands of Manitoban lives enriched in the process.


Would you like to contribute to the St. Malo Francofonds Community Fund?

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Please mail form to:
605, Rue Des Meurons, Office 202
Winnipeg MB  R2H 2R1

You also have the option of calling in your donation at 237-5852 ou 1-866-237-5852.
For more information please contact Francofonds at: (866) 237-5852 or email

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