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Abbeyfield House – Dominion City

Abbeyfield is a non-profit society which was established nearly 60 years ago. With over 1,100 Abbeyfield Homes throughout the world, seniors are receiving care in homes where they are able to maintain independence, while still receiving the care they need. Click here to view Abbeyfield Construction Photos Click Here for Abbeyfield Tenants Package Our goal […]

Dominion city, MB R0A 0H0 Canada

(204) 427-3851 (Main)
(204) 427-3162 (Fax)


Barbara’s Hair & Body Shop

142 Lariviere St.
St. Malo, MB R0A 1T0 Canada

(204) 347-5028 (Main)

Ben Lambert Service Ltd.

Mechanic Car Wash Propane .

137 St. Malo St.
St. Malo, MB R0A 1T0 Canada

(204) 347-5202 (Main)

BSI Insurance Brokers Ltd

BSI Insurance Brokers is Manitoba’s largest farm insurance program co-ordinator and a leading rural insurance provider. We service a wide array of insurance products including farm, commercial, personal, life, disability, travel, Autopac and financial products. St. Malo Branch BSI St-Malo has been serving St-Malo and the surrounding communities since 1993. With our progressive vision and “The […]

97 Ave De La Grotte
St. Malo, MB R0A 1T0 Canada

(204) 347-5368 (Main)
(204) 347-5552 (Fax)


C. Laroche Hauling

Haul and sell all types of gravel. Sand Topsoil Limestone Rocks Other Services: Excavation Build driveways Snow removal Serving all communities within a 60 mile radius of St. Malo. Give us a call!

St. Malo, MB R0A 1T0 Canada

(204) 347-5802 (Main)
(204) 746-5926 (Cell)
(204) 347-5316 (Fax)

Caisse Financial Group

Your neighbourhood Caisse is a bilingual financial co-operative where, as a member, you are also an owner who profits from our success. Membership, which is open to all Manitobans, is your key to accessing the Caisse’s full range of products and services, designed to meet your personal and business banking needs. This makes the Caisse […]

92 de la Grotte Ave
St. Malo, MB R0A 1T0 Canada

(204) 347-5533 (Main)
(204) 347-5261 (Fax)


Catellier Seed Service

Quality seeds and Chemicals Multiple varieties of seed and weed control products for both large and small acreages. Residential lawn seeds also available. Located it Marion St. Dufrost, MB – Off highway 23

Dufrost, MB R0A 0K0 Canada

(204) 347-5588 (Main)
(204) 746-4546 (Cell)
(204) 347-5890 (Fax)


WHO ARE WE The CDEM has been the driving force behind economic development in Manitoba’s bilingual communities since 1996. Our mission: stimulate, encourage, support and coordinate economic development in the communities that belong to the Association of Manitoba Bilingual Municipalities (AMBM). We thrive on the value-added of bilingualism in our communities’ economies. Our activities in […]

suite 200 - 614 Des Meurons St.
Winnipeg, Manitoba R0A 1T0 Canada

(204) 925-2320 (Office)
(204) 805-5438 (Main)

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Chalet Malouin

On the boundary of the aspen forest in picturesque Saint-Malo, Manitoba, Chalet Malouin welcomes residents to experience enhanced retirement living at its finest. The ideal combination of comfort and complete community care, Chalet Malouin is a bilingual establishment that offers the lifestyle you have in mind. The Chalet Malouin is a seniors housing complex consisting of […]

14 St. Hilaire St.
St. Malo, MB R0A 1T0 Canada

(204) 347-5753 (Main)
(204) 347-5107 (Fax)

Chevaliers de Colomb Consel Iberville

Les Chevaliers de Colomb est une organisation catholique de bienfaisance, à but non lucratif qui regroupe plus de 1,8 million de membres à travers le monde.   Knights are Catholic men, 18 years of age and older, who are committed to making their community a better place, while supporting their Church. Contact: Hérve Marion 204-347-5280

1010 Chalet Malouin
St. Malo, MB R0A 1T0 Canada

(204) 370-6393 (Cell)

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Barnabé, Marie

Barnabé, Pierre

Carriere, Tex

Casson, Juliette

Catellier, Benoit & Lorna

Catellier, Chantal

Catellier, Fern

Catellier, Lucie

Catellier, Paul

Catellier, Robert

Clement, Denis

Clement, Lorraine

Collette, Christine

Collette, David

Collette, Florence

Collette, Kristine

Collette, Marcel

Collette, Ralph

Coulombe, Henri

Coulombe, Suzanne