St Malo & District Wildlife Association

St. Malo Wildlife



A southeastern Manitoba non-profit organization dedicated to wildlife conservation, education and promotion of hunting and fishing.



The St. Malo and District Wildlife Association is an affiliate in good standing of the Manitoba Wildlife Federation.


Aims and Objectives

  • To promote conservation, angling, hunting, trapping, shooting sports and outdoor-oriented activities.
  • To encourage membership within the Association of those south-eastern Manitobans that profess an interest in outdoor activities, including the protection of fish and wildlife habitat and resources.
  • To promote conservation among its members and to protect the natural resources of the Province of Manitoba; its soils, minerals, forests, water and wildlife.
  • To promote, encourage and support the propagation of game, fish species and their natural habitat.
  • To assist and encourage the enforcement of game laws, which are in keeping with the aims and objectives of the Association and to strive for enhanced laws and programs when considered necessary.
  • To work cooperatively with government and like-minded groups towards common goals for the greater good of the greater number.
  • To educate members and the general population of the region of our province about conservation, habitat and resources as well as outdoor and hunting safety.
  • To promote and practice ethical behaviour at all times.
  • To keep members apprised of Association-related news through the newsletter and Facebook page.
  • To communicate openly and honestly with members in an environment of trust and understanding.
  • To protect and enhance the privileges of its members in the wise and ethical use of our resources. 


Become a Member!

GO WILD! Join the St. Malo and District Wildlife Association! A strong voice for Southeastern Manitobans who love the outdoors!  Help ensure healthy wildlife populations now and for the future.  To join the St. Malo Wildlife, contact the Association’s Membership Director Luc Carriere by email at or drop-in and visit the Association’s Gun Range Director Dan Malo at Rat River Sales & Service in St. Pierre



One of the many benefits of membership with the Association is the Insurance Program, which covers the following persons who are engaged in wildlife-related activities:

* Members of the Association anywhere in Canada

* Spouse and dependent children (age 12-17) anywhere in Canada, if a family membership has been taken out and birth dates are provided


Coverage continues unless membership expires or is cancelled, and is only applicable to activities as defined by the Descriptions of Operations (available at This information is subject to insurance policy wordings, terms and conditions, and is an overview only.


Excess Personal Liability Coverage: Specifically designed for our members, this coverage applies when you engage in wildlife-related activities (i.e. hunting, fishing, skeet, trap or target shooting, archery, conservation work, non-commercial trapping, etc.), as outlined in the Descriptions of Operations.


Coverage includes:
•$3 Million Excess Members’ Liability Personal Public Liability
•$2,500 for medical expenses if you accidentally injure someone else
•$2 Million liability coverage for fire fighting expense, applicable to property of others that incur fire fighting expense due to a fire caused by you.


This coverage will respond after any other insurance has been exhausted. A home owner’s insurance policy should always respond first and be your first line of defense should a third party injury or property damage claim be brought against you.


Accidental Death & Dismemberment Coverage: This coverage provides a benefit in the event that a member died or was injured during an activity as defined by the Descriptions of Operations. Coverage includes:
•$5,000 for accidental death or dismemberment
•$3,000 accidental dental expense
•$50 daily hospital benefit, up to maximum of $1,500
•$15,000 rehabilitation benefits
•$15,000 occupational training for spouse of deceased member

In addition to insurance coverage, other benefits of membership include:
•$10 discount on replacement cards for Hunter Education, a mandatory program in the Province of Manitoba
•6 issues annually of the Outdoor Edge magazine, Manitoba’s voice for the angler and hunter.
•Eligibility to participate in the ”Remember Your First” program. If your child or grandchild under the age of 18 just got his or her first fish or game animal, MWF will feature the achievement in the Outdoor Edge, and send him/her a crest and certificate.
•A voice in the progressive management of our natural resources.
•An opportunity to participate in Manitoba Wildlife Federation conservation projects and outdoor education programs.


Individual 18 years of age or older

One Year – $30


Includes spouse as well as children (age 12 to 17)

One Year – $35


Individual 12 – 17 years of age

One Year – $10.00



The St. Malo and District Wildlife Association is an affiliate of the Manitoba Wildlife Federation, which consists of members from St. Malo, St. Pierre-Jolys, Otterburne, Grunthal, Sarto and passed area residents currently residing in Winnipeg.




Box 558
St Pierre-Jolys MB
R0A 1V0
(204) 433-3358
Cell (204) 371-9881

Deer Statue in St. Malo

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