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O Roseau Project was started in 2000 as a millennium project to allow people the possibility of getting in touch with and appreciating the wonders of nature. This 200 acre site one hour south of Winnipeg MB offers a unique setting for a variety of outdoor activities. It is nestled in the Rapids Reach of the Roseau River valley at the edge of ancient Lake Agassis. Here the river has been carving its way through sand and gravel formations for the last 10,000 years presenting us with magnificent cliffs and spectacular vistas. The songs of the rapids are ever present as the river offers us its never ending meanders. These twists and turns can be explored by an extensive trail system which will provide you with many opportunities to view and appreciate nature.

We provide a limited service campground with unserviced sites and offer exclusive group use next to the rapids. Here you can design your own adventure whether it be a family picnic or a group expedition.

The site is also located along the newly developed Crow Wing Trail/chemin St.Paul which is part of the Trans-Canada Trail. The trail was used in the early 1800’s by metis freighters who transported goods across the international border using Red River carts . As part of our historical interpretation program , visitors have the opportunity to stay over night in our Crow Wing Camp to get a feel for what life was like back then.

Visit our website at www.oroseau.ca


Rainbow Trout Music Festival

3rd weekend in August.
The best time you’ll have all summer… hands down… without a doubt.

For more information, visit the festival’s website: http://www.rainbowtroutmusicfestival.com/

You can also check out Uptown Magazine’s article on the festival here.



P.O. Box 345
St. Malo, MB, R0A 1T0

Phone: (204) 427-2922


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