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  • Senkiw Suspension Bridge - (Municipality of Emerson-Franklin)

    ​This bridge over the Roseau River in the Municipality of Emerson-Franklin was built in 1946 to enable students to live on the south side of the river to attend Senkiw School on the north side.

  • Tubbing on the Rat River

    Grab your tube or water floating device and make your way down the Rat River. June is usually the best time as the water is higher - July and August all depend on water levels. There are large trees on both sides of the river bank therefore you are not in the scorching sun all day. Most people start at the damn and make their way to the bridge on 59 Hwy. Remember - wear a life jacket and tube at your own risk.

  • St. Malo Shrine and Grotto

    ​The second Roman Catholic priest to serve the St. Malo Parish was Father Abel Noret, who arrived from France on 5 November 1895. Exploring the parish a short time after his arrival, this site caught his attention. A wooded, remote spot before the construction of Highway 59 and the Provincial Park, its proximity to a small river reminded him of the Grotto of Lourdes in France, where the Blessed Virgin had appeared in 1858. He decided to erect a grotto here in her honour. In July 1896, with the voluntary aid of some parishioners, Noret began working on the project. The brush was cleared and hollows were filled; a small chapel was constructed on the south bank of the river. For more info contact Pastor Dominic LaFleur 204-347-5518 for reservations or more info.

  • St. Malo Provincial Park

    ​Come visit the lovely recreation park set next to the town of St. Malo. Long a tradition for the people of the area, families and groups from miles away are increasingly taking advantage of St. Malo's pleasant atmosphere.​
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  • Crow Wing Trail

    The Crow Wing Trail is one of the longest sections of the Trans Canada Trail in Manitoba. At 193 km long, it connects Emerson to Winnipeg though the municipalities of Emerson-Franklin, Roseau River First Nation, De Salaberry, St-Pierre-Jolys, Niverville and Ritchot.

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